dream. create. enjoy. live.

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the creator.

What will make you feel like you’ve lived a full life? If I could live the rest of my life doing nothing but creating, dreaming, and being present, I would consider that to be an amazing journey. I enjoy using my hands to bring visions to life. It drives me to wonder what the world would be like without creators. Our favorite shows, songs, pieces of art…all gone. Shoutout to the creatives that are keeping the world animated, beautiful, and full of life.

I’ve always wanted to be the boss. Ask my parents, they’ll be happy to tell it! I started my first business in high school. Cute jewelry was hard to come by in the U.S. Virgin Islands. I designed and sold hand-made earrings out of my back pack for 2 years. That’s where it all began. Ten years later, I quit my well-paying job with financial security and benefits, and built D.TAMUTM, a successful boutique brand development agency, which eventually merged in to what is now Prymel Elements.

the entrepreneur

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the designer

My dad is an amazing artist. I didn’t receive his patience in the gene draw, but the artistic ability was passed down…thankfully. I love digital design and being able to strategize and execute someone’s brand through beautiful visual elements. In the last 5 years, I’ve helped curate over 280 brands in one ay or the other. The best part is getting random notes from past clients who are still geeked about their brands years later! Check out some of the brands I’ve designed.

I love when I get the opportunity to speak, especially when it’s to a group of young girls and women of color who are considering taking on the journey of being a business owner. It’s a humbling experience that someone would find what I do and why I do it so interesting. I’d be honored to speak at your next event, lead your workshop, or sit and talk your ear off on your panel. Are you busy this Sunday? Let’s host a Bubbles + Brands Brunch!

the speaker


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